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Rudvi Production is a small Company that aim to make board games, card games and digital games. Our focus will be placed on the board games and card games. We will mainly focus on the gameplay. We will deliver a great feeling of the product, such as quality of the components and well playtested games. We want our customers to enjoy our games and we want the customers to be able to have an impact. So feel free to get your selves involved.

Webpage Creation - Latest news


We have started to develop Webpages to smaller companies. We aim to keep a low price for the development of our customers webpages. But we will also be able to help you out by developing folders, logotypes, business cards, posters and so on. Just ask and we will return with a price.

Contact information

If you want more information you are very welcome to contact us.


Rudvi Production

Gränsvägen 29

372 37 Ronneby



Phone +46(0)10 207 11 11



If you want to particepate in the game design of up coming games join our group at facebook.

Upcoming Events

We plan to visit GothCon and LinCon in Sweden this year so come and visit and playtest our latest games.

Current update

We are waiting for Kickstarter launches in Sweden before we start to market our first 2 games. The games that will be launched on Kickstarter first will be Goblin Legion, which is a smaller card game for the family, the game could be played with 1 - 4 players, but we are at the moment blindtesting the game with 5-6 players. More information will come later.



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