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For the moment it is a small Company that plans to expand. RudviProduction is born from over 20 years of gameplay experience and many hours behind the computer creating boardgames. We plan to release 2 new games each year and expand the existing games during this time aswell. We will visit Spiel in Essen in this Autumn. We also plan to have promotion cards for our games that will be shiped when orders is made through our website.


We want to create a network of persons who likes to express their passion for games.


We want to ship world wide. Teaching our young adults to enjoy their time with a good game.

About the company owner

Who is the owner

I am a student who graduated as a Technical Artist in Games at the Institute of Technology in Karlskrona Sweden. Since I was a child games have influenced me. I started to make my own pen and paper games when I was 9 years old with a couple of friends. Now I want to bring the passion of games to everyone else in the world. Games with high quality components and durability is important this is why I am working with Offason in Sweden discussing every little detail of the game.

Everyone is important

This is why I want you to join me at the blog and facebook

Feel free to express your selves, discuss design, gameplay

the latest news. Together we will change the future.

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