Demonic taint

Gametime 20 minutes/player

Players 1-6

Age +14


"The gutter felt cold and hard. I sat myself up still bitter on the doorman, he had no reason for throwing me out. “To hell with it” I cursed “There were worse drunks than me there.” But nevertheless here I was on my drunken ass outside the Irish pub. You remember the good old days, women flocked around you. But now a day they just tell you to leave. As I passed the Church there was an odd noise. I stared up at the chapel and couldn´t believe what I was looking at the very own image of myself. “What the fuck…” The image stares back at me like he was looking into my soul. Then he flipped and swiped right in to me, I felt the last humanity leaving and the burning heat of the outsider entering my tormented mind. I was trying to force him out. “I will free you from your chains mortal, don´t fight me am stronger than your pathetic soul. Your savior is coming and you shall prepare for his arrival, that day you might be granted the gift.” I fell unconscious down on to the ground.


As I woke the next day I didn´t feel the same. I was possessed"

How to play

The game goes on for nine rounds playing one of the twenty citizens of the little town Grimsward. The goal is to please your demon god´s, by collecting victory points. For each five victory point that you get the god´s will grant you one demonic gift for the hard day’s work. Persuade the filthy bank robber and make a visit at the bank for demonic dollar, then you could take a trip to buy items at the Black Market. Backstab the old grumpy general or grab him as your ally.Easy to learn hard to master.

Why should I play this game?

In Demonic taint you take the possession of different characters in the little town of Grimsward. The demon god´s will arrive any day and you want their favour. In order to gain the god´s trust you need to travel through Grimsward and make the demon god´s bidding. If you enjoy games with roleplaying elements and interactions between players, this is a good game to keep in your shelf. You also got a high re-playability because you could choose from over 20 unique characters and missions.

Core Game Mechanics

  • Simultaneous and Initiative based gameplay
  • Low downtime
  • Re-playability
  • Character selection
  • Strategic
  • Roleplaying elements

Future expansions

Demonic taint will have more locations, more characters, more items and new ways to play. The sky is the limit or is it hell.


We will give the players the oppertunity to create the rules for the game giving them a chance to get heard. Join us at facebook and follow the blog. If you want to be able to make the game even better join the development group on Facebook use the form to send in your opinion.



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Demonic Taint: The Unusual Gift

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