Goblin Legion

Gametime 20-45 min

Players 1-2 (3-6 with Expansion)

Age +10


This is a game where you must stop the horrifying monsters from entering your friendly goblin village. Hire recruits like the Orc warlord or why not the dumb cave troll? Defeat the Guardian angel with the yellow goblin legion. Defeating several monsters in a row are worth additional victory points, through conquest. The game ends when your either out of recruits or if the four Peace flags are claimed.

How to play

Goblin Legion is a card game in which you buy recruitment cards from 4 different card piles in order to attack monsters that enter the game through gateway cards.


Defeating a monster with an amount of recruitment cards in the specific colour damage equal to the monsters health. The monster is worth victory points if they are defeated.


The player with the most victory points after either the fourth flag is revealed or after all recruitment piles are empty are the winner of the game.

Why should I play this game?

If you like a game that could be played with your children and still enjoy. Goblin Legion got a mix of luck and decisions, roll dice recruit Goblins for your army and defeat monsters, shrines and bosses that enter the World through large gateways.

Core Game Mechanics

  • Low gametime
  • Easy to learn
  • Re-playability
  • Family friendly
  • Player decision
  • Some Luck & Chaos

Future expansions

Goblin Legion will have the option to play with additional players. The official rulebook have the rules for additional players. There will be some new Gateway cards such as walls and additional boss cards.


We will give the players the oppertunity to create the rules for the game giving them a chance to get heard. Join us at facebook and follow the blog. If you want to be able to make the game even better join the development group on Facebook use the form to send in your opinion.



Goblin Legion:Rulebook (coming soon)

Goblin Legion:Rage of War

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