Star Port

Gametime 1-2 Hours

Players 2-8

Age +14


"Coming soon"

How to play

Star Port is a large space game where your main goal is to conquer space and collect victory points in order to win the game.


More information coming soon!

Why should I play this game?

If you like a game with nearly no luck and chaos this is the game for you. Star Port´s only randomizing components are the event deck and the turn order, everything else is strategical placement and reasource management. Space Port is played with hidden actions that are dealt to each space ship during the command phase.


More information will come soon!

Core Game Mechanics

  • Player takes turn, small actions
  • Reasource management
  • Re-playability
  • Hidden actions
  • Highly Strategic
  • Low luck and chaos
  • Event selection

Future expansions

Not at this point.


We will give the players the oppertunity to create the rules for the game giving them a chance to get heard. Join us at facebook and follow the blog. If you want to be able to make the game even better join the development group on Facebook use the form to send in your opinion.



No Downloads available at this moment.

Star Port: Extinction

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